As strange as it seems, the end of the semester is already upon us, which means that our blogging days (for the purpose of Comm 442) are over! What isn’t over, however, is the influence that technology that has on education. From iPads to VGo to Facebook and LinkedIn, educators are continually integrating new technology into the classroom, enriching the learning experience of students across the US and all over the world. More than anything, this blog has taught us that each technological advancement is certain to have some impact on how students are educated, whether the impact is immediately apparent or not. To share what else we’ve learned through this experience and to let you know where we’re headed next, we each wanted to personally take the opportunity to say our goodbyes.


486765_10201094852841635_1568567934_nWhat I learned: Learning about technology and how it relates to education has been an eye-opener for me this semester. There are so many cool products and ideas out there, from kindergarten all the way through college, including a lot of products or ideas are things I never would have thought possible or even probable. But when thinking about education, it’s not just creating cool new products, it’s about giving important tools to our educators. Education can be seen as a right or as a privilege in the U.S., and technology plays a vital role in those ideas. The techonology that is available to educators today will impact what future students should be able to learn in the classrooms. In turn, this affects what we as society can do, create, or imagine for future generations to come. 

What’s next? Amanda will graduate in May with a degree in Agricultural Communication and Public Relations. After that, anything is possible!


21302_4547006399037_893435870_nWhat I learned: Through my last semester at NDSU, I learned that Digital Media and Society is not just a class, but that digital media shapes our entirety. Digital media can be something as simple as sending an email to a professor or as complex as taking an entire 3 credit course online and having to communicate with professors and peers through digital sources such as Blackboard (which we talked about in our blog post on March 25th). Without the privilege of using technology in today’s education, we wouldn’t have as many opportunities for advancement, connections, research, or inspirations (check out our blog post from March 8th about Pinterest!). Technology really is one of the most beneficial things to education, what would we do without it? (Check out our last blog post from April 19th).

What’s next? Jillian is graduating NDSU in May with a major in Management Communications and a minor in Business Administration. She plans to work in Fargo for the summer.


DSC_0144What I learned: Throughout this semester, I really came to appreciate just how much technology impacts education. A lot of the time, it seems like we take the technology that we already use (like PowerPoints and scantrons) for granted – how different would education be without them? But on top of those staples, it is also so important to look for new and innovative ways to incorporate technology into the learning experience – high school and college students are already on top of the latest technological updates most of the time, so utilizing them for teaching can be a really effective way to engage with students and make learning fun and interesting. In addition, pulling in new and innovative ideas (like Skype pen-pals or teaching coding as a part of primary education) can really expand educational opportunities. With technology continually changing and adapting, the opportunities for enhancing education are really limitless!

What’s next? After graduating with a double major in Public Relations and Political Science and a minor in Criminal Justice in May, Caitlin will head back to her Twin Cities roots to attend the University of St. Thomas School of Law in the fall. Before beginning another three years of education, she plans to enjoy the summer with her boyfriend and new puppy (Lola!).


935753_10151354366802553_644146769_nWhat I learned: Technology will always be present in our lives, no matter how much one tries to ignore it. Throughout this last semester, I not only learned how technology is currently shaping our lives, but how it can be utilized to advance one’s educational experience. In today’s day and age, technology can be employed in the classroom in so many ways, such as helping a sick individual virtually attend class, to using social media as a means to communicate with teachers and peers. This experience has helped me to research and understand where we currently are with technology, and where we are going. On a final note, this experience has helped me to realize that with technology in my life, I will never stop learning, even though my time at NDSU is ending soon.
What’s next? Jaden is graduating this May with a major in Public Relations and International Studies and a minor in Art. From there the sky’s the limit!


931379_10152758122945313_78397773_nWhat I learned: Throughout the last four months, having the ability to research and learn about technology in education and the future, has been great. One big take-away for me is that although technology is all around us, there is so much more we can grasp and utilize in our lives! In education, possibilities are endless, whether it be through using iPads, new sharing and connecting platforms, or social media for educational purposes. Moving forward as educators, an opportunity to utilize expanding technologies to accomplish an all-important task: effectively educating our future! It has been helpful for me to see what there is and the positive impact we can have through expanding our use and perception of new things! 

Whats next? Stephen will graduate in May with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. This summer he plans to work at NDSU’s Wellness Center before starting full-time with Chi Alpha Ministries at NDSU in August!

We hope that you’ve gained some of the same knowledge throughout your time with us!

But as things always are with technology, changes won’t stop just because our blog does – to help you stay up to date on these changes in technology and education (and so that we don’t leave you hanging!), check out the some of the following blogs:

While they aren’t us, we think these blogs are great at keeping up with the latest technology and how they can be used to advance education – give them a chance!

We hope that our blog has served you well, and that we’ve been able to enrich your life in some manner. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending this semester engaging with you, and wish you nothing but the best!

– Amanda, Jillian, Caitlin, Jaden, and Stephen


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